Getting back to God’s original intent for the Church, by assisting the ministry of Church planting.

Origin’s mission is vast, bold, and necessary in today’s world.

Millennial weekly church attendance has fallen to 25% compared to 36% in 2012.  US adult weekly church attendance has dropped from 45% in 1993 to 29% in 2020.

Is the Church at risk of extinction?

Nationally, we are seeing an unprecedented drop in Millennial church attendance, and Gen Z is becoming disconnected from the Church at an alarming pace.

It’s imperative that we are proactive so that the Church in America does not become extinct. But how?

Origin’s Approach

We are creating a network of multigenerational churches all working toward one goal: growing the next generations of church members. We are doing this by working within the current Church’s existing strategy of ‘churchplants’. Church-plants are new, independent churches that get started and seeded through funding and support from existing successful churches.

Church-plants often hit a critical point around years 3-5, when startup resources are mostly gone, and new facilities and funding strategies are needed for growth. This is the optimal time for Origin to help these church-plants survive and thrive.



Stepping into the financial need: When young church-plants need help, we’re there.



We’ve been there, we get it. We offer insight, direction, and are passionate about helping church-plants grow.



Developing a network means bringing Church plants together to encourage one another for future growth.

Have questions?

Curious about how Origin can help your church-plant? Bring all your problems and questions. We’re ready to hear them.

Support Origin

We have an endless need for helpers of all kinds. We can’t offer financial support without donations from our partners. Check out how you can join the movement.

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