We imagine a church family built of multigenerational wisdom and energy and the financial support to maintain— for generations to come.

The Church is having an existential crisis.

How did we get here?

According to Gallup, Church membership has declined below 50% of the overall American population for the first time. Weekly church attendance has declined to 22%.

It is important that we are proactive in supporting churches that are reaching the next generations. But how?

How Origin is Helping


We dream of a day when growing young churches never find themselves in a place of desperate financial need. Until that day comes, Origin is here to help.

Origin provides supplemental support to church-plants for areas not currently funded—but are necessary for gospel-advancing initiatives.

While our unique financial gifting comes with a strict “no strings attached” policy, we also join hands with our churches—offering assessments, consulting, and discipleship of staff and other key leaders.

Existing Churches

Raising awareness within the existing Church family is the first step. By educating the multi-generational church family, we can begin to work together to close the network gaps.

Millennials and Generation Z have unique spiritual needs. We are here to teach churches effective approaches to reach the next generations with the gospel, as well as understand the financial needs of churches attempting to reach them.

The Multi-generational Network:
A Modern Take on the Original Church

With our roots firmly planted in the Greater Louisville area, we are passionate about building a local network to support the existing and future church here. We believe this network founded on God’s vision for the church will grow and sustain itself, opening opportunities for Origin to initiate additional networks in other cities. Where the need is, we will faithfully go.

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