Growing young churches often reach a plateau in growth, stall out, and become discouraged. The vision of reaching people may begin to blur and fade. God's mission to reach the world with His good news "initiative" never stops

Church-plants We Support

Ville Church

With a Mission to connect people to a growing, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, Ville Church is a pleasure to support.

“Thank you for your investment in the relaunch of Ville Church! We had 168 in attendance in our new building and have been averaging over 130 each week since, after months of…50-60 in our old space. Over the past two weeks we have had 16 people join the church. Thank you for partnering with us. Together, we are seeing lives changed!” -Dave Hobby, Lead Pastor, The Ville Church

Grace & Truth Baptist Church

A church established on the perspective of glorifying the God of Scriptures through worship, evangelizing unbelievers and edifying the saints.

“We are so encouraged by how God is working in the planting Spanish Church! How He’s providing all what we need to share the gospel. Our core group is so grateful for your donation. By the grace of God we had a group of 80-100 people including 25 kids who came together for our recent event. Thank you so much for all your support!” – Pastor Daniel, Gracia y Verdad Iglesia Bautista

While growth is a blessing, we understand it can also feel chaotic for church leaders. This is where Origin steps in to reignite the evangelistic flame for your young church. Apply for a grant to finance a gospel-centered initiative and get the church back on track.

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